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Is it possible to pursue 10th and 12th grade schooling through alternative systems other than CBSE and ICSE that are considered credible and valid?

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In the UAE, several expatriate parents are facing difficulties in securing admission for their children in schools due to various reasons. For instance, some students may arrive in the UAE after the school admissions deadline, while others may encounter financial challenges or visa issues that hinder them from enrolling in schools. Consequently, some parents are compelled to wait until the next academic year to secure admission for their children. Additionally, some students who struggle to cope with the school workload may end up being detained in the same class, losing academic years.

Thus The Ministry of Education in India provides an excellent schooling system known as the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), which is currently being utilized by over 6 Lakh students to take their exams every year. However, it appears that many parents and students may not be aware of this alternative system.

The Advantages of NIOS: A Flexible and Inclusive Schooling System

NIOS, which follows the national curriculum framework by NCERT, is a national board of examination similar to CBSE and CISCE. It provides students with the option to directly join the 10th grade (Secondary) if they are 14 years old at the time of admission. Additionally, students who have a 10th grade certificate from a recognized board can enroll in the 12th grade (Senior Secondary).

The vocational curriculum offered by NIOS provides a major advantage to students as they have the freedom to choose their preferred subjects based on their interests and skills, unlike other curriculums that restrict students’ choices, students can opt for subjects that match their career aspirations.

To pass 10th or 12th grade, students must pass five subjects. However, students are free to take one or two additional subjects, allowing them to study a maximum of seven subjects. In case a student fails in two subjects but passes in five out of seven, they still receive certification since passing in five subjects is the only requirement to obtain certification in the NIOS system.

The Flexibility and Recognition of NIOS Certification: Opportunities for Higher Education and Career Advancement

Senior secondary students can choose to finish their 12th grade studies with a one-year gap after completing their 10th grade studies. Board examinations are conducted twice a year, in April and October, giving students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Students can choose to write all subjects at once or space out the examinations for each subject according to their convenience.

NIOS also offers a unique “On Demand Examination” system, allowing students to write examinations anytime they wish to appear – Available only in India
NIOS certificates in secondary and senior secondary (10th Grade and 12th Grade) are equivalent to any other Indian national board or state-board certificate. NIOS 10th students are accepted in all schools in India and NIOS 12th Grade students are accepted in most universities in UAE, all universities in India and abroad, including prestigious institutions such as IIT’s, medical universities*, pharmacy colleges etc.

Join the Leading NIOS Accredited Centre in UAE: Atlas Group of Institutions (AGI)

Those interested in admission to NIOS can approach Atlas Group of Institutions (AGI), the leading approved centre of NIOS in UAE with over 25 years of accreditation. Thousands of students have successfully obtained NIOS certification through studies at Atlas Group of Institutions. The AGI campus provides unique facilities that help students develop life skills and academic skills suitable for current and future job markets. The teaching methods, along with continuous training in study skills, make studying peaceful and comfortable for students. The constant parent-teacher interaction system also helps identify and rectify problematic areas in studies and skills, allowing underachievers to face the curriculum with confidence to pursue higher education.

*In India Only

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