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Affordable MBA Programs in UAE – A Complete Guide

Affordable MBA programs are plenty in the UAE, but not everyone is aware of the possible options for completing an MBA without taking a loan! People turn pessimistic when confronted with the idea of an affordable MBA program, basically because the term MBA is considered a matter of luxury for many. When someone hears the term ‘affordable MBA’ they may think about a cheap option without any quality in content and coaching, but the reality is totally different.

In this blog, we will look into all the options available for a learner who wants to upscale his or her corporate profile without the burden of huge expenses. In our previous blog, we discussed about everything to know about executive MBA in UAE. Some of the universities mentioned in this blog offer both regular and executive MBA options.

Indian Universities

India is renowned for its education industry. Some of the world’s best businessmen and business leaders are of Indian origin. From Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google to Lakshman Narasimhan CEO of Starbucks, used the systematic coaching and education in India as a launchpad for their global careers.

Many Indian universities offer their executive and regular Master of Business Administration programs in the UAE and they are the most affordable MBA programs that you can achieve in a legally sound manner.

For example, KL University from Andhra Pradesh India is offering its Masters of Business Administration program through Atlas Group of Institutions in the UAE. It is the most affordable MBA program in the entire United Arab Emirates keeping its fees at a minimum of AED 400* per month.

The MBA program is accepted worldwide and in the UAE it is accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for attestation that means a student who completes his MBA from KLU through AGI can use it for applying for a better job and a managers visa.

Malaysian Universities

Malaysian universities have gained recognition in the UAE for offering high-quality MBA programs at remarkably affordable costs. These institutions provide a unique opportunity for aspiring business leaders and professionals to pursue advanced education without the burden of exorbitant fees.

For instance, the Open University of Malaysia has collaborated with Atlas Group of Institutions to offer their Masters in Business Administration program here in the UAE. When you compare the cost of acquiring an MBA from various international universities, the cost of doing such a program through AGI is the most affordable option in the UAE.

UK Universities

The brand UK itself holds the title of being expensive and luxurious, so many people without even reading the next sentence about the UK university options in the UAE conclude that it will be an expensive option. Well it’s not, AGI offers an option of an affordable UK MBA in the UAE.

To be completely transparent, yes they are not as affordable as the Indian or Malaysian options but when you compare the cost of UK universities to some of the other European counterparts the fees are substantially low. For comparison, you can complete a UK MBA program at AGI at just 30-35% cost of a European MBA program in many institutions in the UAE.

There is also another nifty trick that many people don’t recognise at first. If you came here to this point reading this blog, my friend this is a bonus tip for you.

When you enquire about doing an MBA with a UK university the fees may scene really high but if you complete an OTHM level 7 diploma which is treated as the first year of the Masters’s program according to the UK education system, then you can enrol and complete the second year of MBA from a UK university without enquiring a huge cost.

This an open secret that many people miss and that’s give up or not take up a prestigious UK MBA. Need more clarity on this matter, you can reach out to us by clicking here.

Swiss Business School Options

When people think about an affordable option, they usually skip anything with the label Swiss. Well if you are looking for an affordable MBA from a European University in the UAE then you should first look into the Swiss options.

It might come as a surprise that when comparing the expenses of MBA programs in the UK and Switzerland, there are instances where the cost of obtaining an MBA from Swiss business schools are actually lower than that of many UK universities.

One such case is the MBA from the Swiss School of Business & Management (SSBM). SSBM through AGI offers the most affordable Swiss MBAs in the UAE, costing you nearly 34% less than the affordable UK MBA options available in the UAE.

Here too, the nifty trick of completing an OTHM Level 7 plays an important role in reducing the cost.

If you are interested to know more, we are happy to help you. Click the following chat now button to connect with us.

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