Earn a Dr. While Working: A Golden Opportunity for Professionals from AGI through SSBM

Illustration depicting the career growth trajectory accelerated by a DBA program offered at AGI in collaboration with SSBM in Dubai.

In the swiftly evolving business terrain, acquiring a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) acts as a significant lever propelling working professionals into higher realms of leadership and strategic expertise. Considering a DBA in Dubai or more broadly, a DBA in UAE, becomes exceedingly lucrative given the region’s dynamic business environment. Now, with the Atlas Group […]

International College Ajman in a New Avatar!

Ajman’s renowned higher educational institution - International College of Law Business Administration and Technology got a branding facelift.

The International College of Law, Business Administration & Technology (ICLBAT) in Ajman, established by the Atlas Group of Institutions under an ordinance issued by the Government of Ajman (Emiri Decree No. 02/2002) is a testament to the AGI’s commitment to delivering world-class education at an affordable fee structure making higher education qualifications accessible. At ICLBAT, […]

Distance MBA in Dubai – Validity & Relevant Options

If you are a working professional, upscaling your educational qualifications while working full-time can be a near-impossible task. For people who are busy with their professional lives, an MBA done through distance learning mode may seem like a lifesaver option. Well, how true is that? Also, you may ask, are distance MBAs worth it? Are […]

What is a Mini MBA? – An overview & a glance at alternatives

With the advent of online learning, a new format of MBA programs is becoming the talk of the town: mini MBAs. However, many suspect the genuineness and consider it not worth the time. For some others, it is a solution to upscale their corporate profile, as they assume the regular MBA programs require many commitments […]

An MBA in Finance: The Ultimate Career Catalyst In Finance Industry

If you are working in finance and feel like your career is moving at a snail's pace. That's when considering an MBA in Finance comes in. It's like adding a booster to your career success, helping you zoom ahead in your professional journey.

In today’s competitive job market, career growth in the finance industry demands more than just experience and skills. When a large pool of talents got similar experiences and skills, management and stakeholders of companies will look for the unique abilities of each candidate which makes them stand out.  Professionals of this era are considering various […]

Best MBA Courses & Specialization in Dubai

Dubai is a land of opportunities and rewards people who are a step ahead in the competition. You can excel in your career through a master’s in business administration program which aligns perfectly with the global demands in terms of quality and content in your industry. The best thing about the United Arab Emirates is […]

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best MBA Courses in Ajman

Ajman is a calm place to live but a dynamic place to do business. It’s the same in the case of education. The emirate of Ajman offers a lot of options for a person who is willing to scale up their corporate profile.  The options available in Ajman especially for masters in business administration are […]

Which is the most affordable MBA program in UAE

If you are in search of the most affordable MBA program in UAE, congratulations! You just found it – Yes, Atlas Group of Institutions with its University partner KL University, offers the most affordable MBA programs in the UAE. At an affordable and accessible monthly fee of just AED 400* you can now complete your […]

Is an MBA degree relevant in 2023?

We are living in an era where college drop outs head multi-million dollar corporations – which raises a question: is higher education programs like an MBA degree relevant these days? If you take this question to an internet search, you will find online forms pandits and gurus fiercely arguing about how irrelevant an MBA program is. […]