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Illustration depicting the career growth trajectory accelerated by a DBA program offered at AGI in collaboration with SSBM in Dubai.

Earn a Dr. While Working: A Golden Opportunity for Professionals from AGI through SSBM

In the swiftly evolving business terrain, acquiring a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) acts as a significant lever propelling working professionals into higher realms of leadership and strategic expertise. Considering a DBA in Dubai or more broadly, a DBA in UAE, becomes exceedingly lucrative given the region’s dynamic business environment. Now, with the Atlas Group of Institutions (AGI) partnering with the Swiss School of Business & Management (SSBM), a gateway to this esteemed credential has been unveiled, presenting a bespoke program ideal for those desiring to pursue a DBA while working. Let’s delve deeper into how this program can be the stepping stone towards an illustrious career.

How to Stay Ahead in Career with a Doctorate Program

A DBA isn’t merely a degree; it is a testament to a professional’s capability to delve deep into business intricacies, churn out researched insights, and drive strategic initiatives. Here’s an elaboration on how a DBA can be the rocket fuel for your career trajectory:

Expertise Development: A DBA program immerses you in advanced business theories and contemporary managerial practices, honing your expertise to a level revered in the corporate arena. For instance, understanding the nuances of global market dynamics or mastering the art of strategic business growth through analytical frameworks developed during the DBA can set you apart from your peers.

Leadership Prep: The tailored curriculum of a DBA is designed to groom you for senior managerial and leadership positions. By engaging in real-world case studies from Fortune 500 companies and analyzing complex business scenarios, you prepare to take on high-stakes roles such as a CEO or a CFO. 

Research Acumen: A DBA program pushes you to engage in substantial research, enhancing not only your problem-solving skills but also contributing to the broader business knowledge ecosystem. For example, your research on emerging market trends and customer behavior analysis could pave the way for groundbreaking strategies within your organization.

Networking: The opportunity to interact with a cohort of seasoned professionals, mentors, and industry leaders expands your professional circle significantly. This networking can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, or even executive positions in esteemed organizations. Imagine connecting with a C-suite executive during a seminar, which later leads to a consultancy project with their organization.

Career Longevity: In an era where the average tenure in a job is reducing, a DBA can provide a robust foundation for a long, sustainable career. It demonstrates your commitment to continual learning and professional growth, traits highly prized in the evolving job market.

Increased Earning Potential: With a DBA, you are not only augmenting your knowledge but significantly enhancing your earning potential. According to various reports, individuals with a DBA are among the top earners in the corporate domain, making the investment in this program a financially rewarding decision.

Global Recognition: Holding a DBA, especially from reputable institutions like AGI and SSBM, carries a global recognition, providing you with a platform to explore opportunities on an international scale. It’s a badge of advanced expertise recognized across borders.

Why SSBM & A Swiss DBA

The pedigree of a Swiss MBA is well-known globally, and SSBM takes it a notch higher with its meticulously crafted DBA program. The hallmark of SSBM is its blend of theoretical rigour and practical relevance, ensuring you’re not merely well-versed in academic concepts but adept at applying them in real-world scenarios. Moreover, the global recognition and accreditations held by SSBM add a golden feather to your professional cap, making a DBA from SSBM a prized possession in the corporate world.


The Atlas Group of Institutions (AGI) stands as a synonym for quality education, and its collaboration with SSBM to offer a DBA in the UAE amplifies this commitment. With a sprawling presence across three countries and a mission to provide accessible, top-notch education, AGI is your trusted partner in this academic endeavour. The affordability of the DBA program through AGI is a particular highlight, making it a unique offering for working professionals in the UAE.

Embarking on the journey towards obtaining a DBA while working is a step into a brighter, more accomplished professional future. With the backing of prestigious institutions like AGI and SSBM, you’re not just earning a degree; you’re setting a strong foundation for remarkable career advancements. The affordability and high-quality education are unmatched, especially when aiming to pursue a DBA in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Ready to elevate your professional trajectory with a DBA? Connect with the Atlas Group of Institutions to discover more about this golden opportunity and take a decisive step towards a thriving career.

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