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A Complete Guide To Choose The Best MBA Courses in Ajman

Ajman is a calm place to live but a dynamic place to do business. It’s the same in the case of education. The emirate of Ajman offers a lot of options for a person who is willing to scale up their corporate profile.  The options available in Ajman especially for masters in business administration are unparalleled. In this blog, we will have a quick look at the best MBA courses in Ajman.

All the options mentioned are accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation in the UAE as well as globally recognized.

UK MBA Programs

Various reputed higher education organization have their affiliated institutions in the emirate of Ajman.  Some of the top Universities in the United Kingdom either have their campuses or an affiliated centre in Ajman.

For a working professional, A UK MBA is the most suitable solution because a good number of them are following an assignment-based evaluation and the classroom sessions are not mandatory since recorded sessions can be easily available in the learning management portal of the institution or the University.

Plus UK Universities accept Level 4 & 5 diplomas from accredited bodies like the OTHM Qualifications as the first and second year of bachelor’s and Level 7 as the first year of the master’s. This helps work professionals and regular scholars.

For instance, Atlas Group of Institutions – an approved centre of OTHM offers Level 3 to Level 7 programs. Regular students and working professionals can choose these programs and can top them up to a UK bachelor’s or master’s like a UK diploma from top ranking UK Universities through London Graduate School.

Swiss MBA Programs

The Swiss brand is a symbol of quality. You can add a Swiss MBA program to your educational portfolio through institutions like the International College Ajman, a part of the esteemed Atlas Group of Institutions. You may think that a Swiss MBA may be costly, but in reality, they are even more affordable than UK MBA options.

Just like UK Universities, business schools from Switzerland also accept Level 7 diploma qualifications so that you can top up to the final year of the MBA with ease. For instance, you can do a Swiss MBA from the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM) through International College Ajman.

Similar to the UK MBA program, Swiss MBA programs are also assignment based. SSBM MBAs are more optimized for working professionals and its curriculum is set by industry leaders and thinkers so that the student can directly apply what she or he learns in the business or job right away.

Indian MBA Programs

If you are looking for a super affordable MBA program, then Indian MBA programs are the choice the go for.  Indian Universities offer quality education at an affordable cost. Unlike the European MBA options available in the emirate of Ajman, Indian MBA programs are more rigid in terms of evaluation. There will be exams in addition to assignments, but the quality aspect of Indian MBAs is world-renowned.  Indian Universities mostly structure their fees in such a manner that its affordable for the masses.

For instance, Atlas Group of Institutions with its University partner KL University, offers the most affordable MBA programs in the UAE. At an affordable and accessible monthly fee of just AED 400* you can now complete your master’s in business administration program.  
No other higher education institution has ever offered an MBA program in the UAE at this cost. The MBA program is fully legit, accepted globally and attested locally by MOFA.

A student who enrols for an MBA from KL University through AGI will be given access to their International College Ajman campus to experience a live campus experience even though the MBA program is fully online.

Malaysian MBA Programs

MBA programs from Malaysian Universities are also available in the emirate of Ajman. A student or working professional may not have the resources to enrol for a UK MBA program and may also not be interested in an Indian MBA option due to nationality or cultural factors – for them, an MBA from a Malaysian University is the right pick.

For instance, the Open University of Malaysia (OUM)  is having a partnership with Atlas Group of Institutions (AGI). Through the AGIs campus, International College Ajman, OUM is able to provide quality higher education options to students and working professionals of the UAE, especially for the residents of Ajman and the northern emirates.

The OUM MBA programs are of the highest quality since OUM is the result of the collaborative efforts of a consortium comprising 11 esteemed public universities in Malaysia. The Open University of Malaysia (OUM) has emerged as a premier institution in the private education sector.

We hope you got the assurance that there are many quality higher education initiatives in the emirate of Ajman. Please connect with us using the chat button provided below if you have any questions regarding the available MBA options in the emirate of Ajman.

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