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Is Online MBA Valid In UAE – Answering The Most Asked Question

The validity of an online MBA is comparable to that of a traditional MBA when you make an educated choice regarding the business school or university you select. The distinction between the two formats becomes less pronounced when you opt for a reputable institution. The key lies in carefully researching and identifying institutions that offer quality online programs backed by accreditation and a solid track record. By opting for established and accredited online business schools or universities, you can ensure that your online MBA holds the same level of credibility and recognition as a regular on-campus MBA program.

Let’s understand more about online MBAs in this blog. We will understand the definition of online MBAs, the true meaning of the word ‘validity’ and a brief introduction to attestation rules and regulations in the UAE.

What is an Online MBA

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the differentiation between a normal master’s degree program and an online master’s degree became thin and transparent.  All higher education organisations shifted to online learning during the once-in-a-century event.

Online learning is getting more and more prominence and acceptance these days and the most sought-after business degrees – MBAs are also becoming online educational programs.

In simple terms, an online  Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree program that offers the same curriculum and educational content as a traditional, on-campus MBA by a University or business school but it is delivered entirely online through digital platforms such as zoom, google meet or learning management systems (LMS) of the institution. The main objective of an online MBA is to provide professionals with the opportunity to pursue advanced business education without the need to attend classes in person.

Defining The Term Valid

Is an online MBA considered valid in the UAE? The interpretation of “valid” varies based on the individual’s specific preferences and requirements. 

In many forward-looking organizations aligned with the latest trends in education, an online MBA holds the same validity as a traditional in-person MBA program. However, there may be organisations that might equate it to a distance learning MBA, potentially overlooking the distinctions between the two formats.

These organizations might not fully recognize that an online MBA and a distance MBA differ significantly. In a distance learning setup, there are classes, coaching, or interactive sessions. On the other hand, an online MBA typically involves virtual classes, skill-focused workshops, and engaging interactive sessions. Some universities even arrange in-person meet-ups based on location.

If you are doing from a recognized University, an online MBA is eligible for attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Similar to degrees obtained from foreign universities, an online MBA might not receive attestation from the UAE Ministry of Education. Further exploration of this topic will be undertaken in the subsequent sections.

MOFA Attestation of Online MBA Programs

MOFA attestation serves as an essential and mandatory procedure in the UAE to validate the legitimacy and genuineness of documents. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) holds the responsibility of legalizing documents originating from an applicant’s home country. This attestation process acts as the ultimate authority in confirming the credibility of certificates within the UAE. Once the MOFA seal is affixed to a certificate, it gains recognition for all official purposes within the country. This procedure particularly comes into play when obtaining an employment visa, labor card, or residence visa in the UAE. As long as the university is recognized in the country of origin and MOFA UAE verifies the authenticity, the attestation of degrees should proceed smoothly. 

There are plenty of MBA programs that you can do online which are accredited locally and approved globally. One such program is the MBA program offered by KL University through Atlas Group of Institutions.

It is the most affordable MBA program in the UAE offering an option to students to complete the program at a monthly fee of just AED 400*  making it the best online MBA program that you can do in the UAE. 

KL – Deemed to be University, established in 1980, is ranked 28th among all universities in India. It proudly stands as the number one university in Andhra Pradesh for the year 2018, according to uniRank. Situated on a sprawling 100-acre campus in Andhra Pradesh, India, the university boasts an impressive accreditation by NAAC with an A++ grade. It has obtained the necessary approvals from the MHRD – Government of India and the UGC. 

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