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Can I do an MBA While Working Full Time?

Can I do an MBA while working? This question might have crossed your mind if you are a working professional in the UAE. In competitive markets like the Gulf, the fittest and well-qualified candidates earn really well. You might have noticed the career growth and corporate profile upscaling people experience due to their upscaling in educational credentials, and you might be curious about how they handled both. The answer lies in selecting the right MBA program with the learning plan that suits your schedule. In this blog, we will help you understand all the available options.

Online MBA Option

Doing an online MBA in UAE is one of the most convenient ways of completing an MBA while working full-time. You may ask, is an online MBA valid in the UAE? – We have answered that in our previous blog. You can read it here.

The benefit of doing an MBA through online mode is the flexibility that it brings in inherently. An online MBA can be as valid as a regular MBA if you are opting for the right business schools or universities. In the case of most online MBA programs, the classes will be available as pre-recorded sessions on the learning management system of the University or business school, you can watch them at any time. The evaluation is also online and it is mostly done through curated online examinations or assignments.

The best university to complete an online MBA in UAE is KL University. KL University is a renowned University from India which was ranked among the top 30 Universities for management studies in India by the Indian Governments NIRF ranking body. KLU is partnering up with Atlas Group of Institutions to offer an affordable online MBA option to working professionals. Now an aspiring working professional can complete a globally accepted and locally accredited MBA program at a fee of just AED 400* per month.

Blended Learning Options

If the idea of choosing an MBA program that mixes online learning with in-person activities feels good, then you should be choosing an MBA with a blended learning option. In blended mode,  you can do your lessons online whenever you have time, or attend live webinars and classes where you meet other coursemates.

In a world where being flexible is important, a blended MBA mixes a bit of routine with being able to adjust. It’s like getting the benefits of online learning while also getting to experience interactive sessions.

A blended MBA gives you the power to control your learning while also giving you chances to meet, connect, and work with other students and teachers face-to-face.

In the UAE, the best MBA program which is you can complete through blended mode is the MBA program offered by the Swiss School of Business & Management (SSBM). As a student of SSBM, you will have the liberty to view pre-recorded classes or attend live sessions with your professors. The assessments are completely assignment based and you can complete them with the guidance of the faculty and student support coordinators. 

An MBA from SSBM is a great option if you planning to do an MBA while working.

MBA programs with Evening Classes

As a working professional, if you want to attend a program with regular physical classes, then an MBA program with evening sessions could be the best fit. These MBA programs are just like regular MBA programs with a change in the class schedule. You will have to complete all the course works and other assessments in person and as per the requirements of the University. 

The biggest downside of such programs is the lack of flexibility. This will be really challenging if you are having a family. All the weekday evenings will be booked by the MBA classes which leaves you not much room to spend with your family or leisure. Additionally, if your current job role is affected by an increase in workload based on seasons or business demands, then planning for classes will be a big challenge. 

If you are a bachelor with enough time for evening classes, then it will be a choice to consider, but don’t forget that evenings after a busy day’s work can be tiresome. You should be clear on your goal and motivation before enrolling for an MBA with evening classes.

MBA programs with Weekend Sessions

Attending regular classes in the evening may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but attending weekend sessions may sound great since it won’t interfere with the busy weekdays and you will have something planned in your books for the weekends. 

Even though the classes are not happening on a regular basis, the assessment and course subjects will go forward as per the University schedule. So, it won’t be an easy ride. You will have to dedicate weekends to attend classes in the mornings and assignments in the evenings.

We are here to help!

To conclude, there are several modes in which a working professional can complete an MBA while working full-time. It will be valid for attestation and will be accepted globally. It will be a testament to your hardwork since not everyone will be happy to put extra effort to upscale their corporate profile.

If you feel that you need more guidance to opt for the right MBA program, you can always book a free consultation with us. To know more click the chat button

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